Art as a metasemiotic inquiry

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  • Art = self-organized recursive process of habit changing.
  • Art is a kind of a metasemiotic inquiry (not just a kind of investigation, for instance a “philosophical investigation”, a la Alva Noe) — a continuous self-corrective activity regulated by norms of a critical community of inquirers, by the available cognitive technologies and materials, money and institutional forms of financial supporting, etcetcetc… 
  • Some basic ideas we have explored in different articles:
    1. Inquiry begins with a genuine surprise
      1. A dyadic phenomenon of resistance with some patterns of semiotic/mind behavior (habit)
      2. Inquiry is an inferential (time distributed) process
      3. Abduction is the core of inquiry
    2. Art: generate surprise to generate explanation
      1. Surprise requires explanation
      2. (Cyclic (?) and dynamic feedback between surprise and explanation)
  • Art is an ongoing self-corrective process rooted in an open self-corrective critical community
    1. Art community includes: artists, technicians, theoreticians, evaluation institutions (critics, journalists, curators) 
    2. Art’s object of inquiry is semiosis

Joao Queiroz & Pedro Ata

(PS. in recent papers we explore these ideias in different domains including contemporary art, dance and music — from Elsa Von Freitag and Gertrude Stein to Pagu, Morton Feldman, Augusto de Campos etc etc etc)

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