Artwork and metasemiosis 

We have stated in many papers that semiosis should not be viewed as a “structure” or a “substance”, but as a process. This is a reframing of the understanding of what an artwork (as semiosis) is.

Artwork creates a metalevel semiotic process, a sign-action which stands for the action of a sign. (The object is a triadic relation (S2-O2-I2) and the sign another triadic relation (S1-O1-I1). It is not another sign, but a triadic relation.)

A metasemiotic process (meta-semiosis) allows systematic inspection and criticism of semiosis. In this sense, artwork can be described as a process designed to investigate semiosis.

peirce 5Peirce: But by “semiosis” I mean, on the contrary, an action, or influence, which is, or involves, a coöperation of three subjects, such as a sign, its object, and its interpretant, this tri-relative influence not being in any way resolvable into actions between pairs.


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João Queiroz & Pedro Atã

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