Semiosis is a dynamic process

Semiosis is a dynamic process, with signs continuously translating into other signs, in time. The mode of existence of a sign is to produce interpretative effects which are new signs. A single person thinking to herself already embodies a dynamic process of semiosis. This temporal distribution of semiosis is a central aspect of Peirce’s semiotics:

peirce9‘To say, therefore, that thought cannot happen in an instant, but requires a time, is but another way of saying that every thought must be interpreted in another, or that all thought is in signs.’ (CP 5.253)



See more: Atã, P.; Queiroz, J. 2019. Emergent sign-action: classical ballet as a self-organized and temporally distributed semiotic process. European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy-EJPAP, XI-2. (link)

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João Queiroz & Pedro Atã

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