Semiosis (meaning process) is out there

Semiosis is a kind of situated (embodied and distributed) relation-in-action, a process (“coordinated occurrence of changes”, in Rescher’s definition, 1996: 38) which is general and real, and which is “out there in the wild” as much as it is “inside” a conscious mind (The self itself is a sign in action, see CP 5.314). In an ecosystem, semiotic processes develop “out there” involving organisms and resources.

peircesIn evolution, semiotic process develop “out there” involving a species and its environment. In a society, semiotic relations develop “out there” involving individuals, groups and institutions. In a culture, semiotic process develop “out there” involving customs, traditions, cultural artifacts, etc. In communication, a semiotic process develops between utterers, signs and interpreters. In cognition, a semiotic process develops between instances of a mind, and/or between parts of a distributed cognitive system.

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João Queiroz & Pedro Atã

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